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Why Is Black Ice Different

The key difference is the menthol combined with activated charcoal. Charcoal has been used since ancient times as a healing remedy. Mixed with water and applied to the skin (i.e. a charcoal poultice), this natural remedy has many applications. But today, the use of charcoal poultices is a forgotten therapy. Naturopaths know about it, Chinese medicine and niches of natural medicine understand its power. But it has never really taken off as a therapy. One big reason--activated charcoal is messy to work with. Our advanced hydrogel technology delivers the benefits of charcoal without the mess! Black Ice delivers all-day relief through pain relieving menthol, activated charcoal and advanced hydrogel technology. It's like wearing an ice-pack 24/7! You have to try it to believe how well it works.  

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Video Testimonials


"I have used almost every pain patch with and without Lidocaine (both 4% and 5% prescription strength) Aspercreme to Thermacare, sure there is some relief not a lot. When I tried the Black Ice Patch I could not believe the degree of relief and the time it lasted. I almost forgot my back pain which is normally at a 8 on the pain scale. I am so glad I found them!!"

Verified Amazon Customer

"I wore Black Ice for my arthritic joint edema and it helped to reduce the swelling and helped with pain relief. I had been given a sample pack of Black Ice but I never tried it. One night the pain was so bad I thought maybe I should try it. I was amazed at how quickly and effectively it worked to relieve the pain. It was easy to use and was actually even more effective than icing. It was a great alternative for edema management..."

Eunice L., Roseville, CA

"Black Ice has been a lifesaver for my arm, shoulder, and back pain. I especially feel the relief when using it on my forearm and hand because of carpal tunnel syndrome. I’m in love with this product! I sleep with the patch at night (I don't keep waking up from the pain anymore!) or use it in the day and it brings me amazing relief."

Valire W., Lodi, CA

"I had surgery to repair a torn ACL and tried Black Ice under my brace at night about 3 weeks after the surgery. When I would wear the patch overnight, I would wake up and I could flex my knee right away. Without it, I would wake up sore and stiff. It was noticeable. I wore the patch under my knee brace during the day and I really believe it helped with inflammation."

Josh S. Carmichael, CA

"The day before I was using a walker because I was in so much pain.  I am not a fan or taking meds, so I have been looking for an alternative. I tried a Lidoderm patch… and it did absolutely nothing for me. Then I tried a Salon Pas patch… and still no relief. Wore Black Ice overnight and was able to take a 1 mile walk the following morning and work all day. I logged over 13k steps that day pain free. I applied a new patch on Sunday, wore it all day and even felt better. I swear by this patch and have told everyone about it."

Verified Amazon Customer

"I’ve had chronic pain in my shoulder for over 11 years. I’ve had cortisone shots and chiropractic and massage therapy regularly. I tried Black Ice and it really helped with the pain so I wore it on my shoulder non-stop for one week. To my surprise, the pain is now totally gone! This thing works!"

Sita D. New York, NY

"After more than 30 years as a dental technician, I developed tendonitis in my fingers. My fingers are stiff and painful to move, especially first thing in the morning. My daughter urged me to try Black Ice so she cut the patch into strips and wrapped them on my fingers. I was pretty skeptical but slept with it on anyway. The next morning, I was surprised to find that it was easy to bend my fingers! They didn't hurt for the first time in years - and this was after my first use. Skeptic no more."

Jay J. Lincoln, CA

"I can only speak from personal experience and those patients that have sent me messages about what they are experiencing when we apply a Black Ice patch following a Myofascial Release (MFR) session with me: 'Swelling is down in legs' 'I had no pain in my big toe after 18 hr shift of work' 'my shoulder is feeling good with movements overhead'.... the list continues to grow. I truly believe that something very special has come together by using natures natural anti-inflammatory agent 'activated charcoal' and MFR"...

Dr. Abel Rendon, PT, DSc, DPT