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Introducing the Black Ice Breathing Mask. Made of 100% cotton and designed for comfort. For forest fires, pandemics, smog, dust, pollen and for work. For when you need a mask. 

The key to the mask is the replaceable activated charcoal filter:

Activated charcoal filters are used in HEPA air filtration systems to remove harmful contaminants like microscopic chemicals, viruses, and other airborne substances.

As contaminants pass through the charcoal filter, the tiny pores in the activated charcoal chemically react, adsorb and neutralize contaminants. Once all of the pores have been filled with contaminants, the filter needs to be replaced so that it can remain at optimal performance. 

One Black Ice Breathing Mask activated charcoal filter can be used for weeks if the air is clean (3-4 weeks). Less if you are filtering smoke or heavy smog (about 1 week of continuous use).

The included charcoal filter is made of 5 layers.

As a company, we have pledged to give over 10% of our earnings to non-profits, ministries and front-line workers. We've donated thousands of masks to the Santa Clara Sheriff's Department, the Los Altos Police Department, the Roseville Fire Department, the Roseville Police Department, Miami Beach Police Department, and to Sutter Roseville Medical Center. We've also donated thousands of Black Ice patches to the homeless, for mission trips and for food banks. We have sponsored free dental/medical vision clinics in the US.

Part of every purchase will be used to make a difference right here in America!